Coffee (Coming Soon)

The Greena Coffee bamboo floor highlights the stunning caramel tones that we know and love in coffee - it's a mix of our light coffee and dark coffee. This floor is a great option for any interior as it has a neutral tone that can complement almost any decor. As part of the Greena Bamboo flooring range, the Greena Coffee floor is strandwoven, finished with 10 layers of UV-protected coating, and comes with the patented Valinge click-lock system.
Coffee (Coming Soon)


1850 × 125 × 14mm


Semi Gloss

Abrasion rating


1.3875 (sqm/ctn)

Lock System

Valinge click-lock


V Groove


25 years

Product Features
25 Years
10 Layers Coating
Slip Resistant
E0 Emissions

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Greena Bamboo Flooring

Solid strandwoven bamboo - a wonder of nature.

The Greena Bamboo is a high quality range of strandwoven bamboo flooring. They are extremely durable and come finished with 10 layers of scratch-resistant coatings, UV protection and a patented click-lock system.

Pictured: Light Walnut

Greena Bamboo Flooring

Quality is in the detail - explore Greena layer by layer

Putting down a new floor is not a small endeavour. Our motto at Everfloor is “do it once, do it right”. We have carefully engineered and designed every layer with precision and perfection in mind.

Greena Bamboo Flooring

Surface Layer: 10 Layers of EverGuard™ Bamboo Coating

Featuring 10 Layers of EverGuard Bamboo coating, manufactured from the best German UV-protected polyurethane lacquer and designed to withstand the high UV Australian climate. The EverGuard surface provides superior scratch, fade and stain resistance.

The surface comes in both semi-gloss and three-dimensional wirebrushed finishes, to complement any interior decor.

Greena Bamboo Flooring

Core Layer: 14mm Solid Strandwoven Bamboo

Strandwoven bamboo is the most durable and stable. We hand-pick only mature bamboo stalks from Moso Bamboo, the most stable and durable type of bamboo grass, for increased durability.

Greena features a Janka hardess of 15.8, being 2 - 3 times more durable than Aussie hardwood timbers (mostly 4.0 - 9.0) and European Oaks (mostly 6.0).

Greena Bamboo Flooring

Greena Bamboo is beautiful, natural, and incredibly durable.

Greena Bamboo’s range is a stunning range that looks beautiful in any home or office, whilst also providing superior durability and water-resistance compared to other bamboo floors. Greena is a great natural alternative to solid timber flooring, being more durable, eco-friendly and economical. It’s allergen friendly, insect resistant and just absolutely gorgeous.

Greena Bamboo Flooring
Greena Bamboo Flooring

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