HydroPro Bamboo Flooring

Waterproof, high-performance real timber.

HydroPro's European Oak Timber is one of the finest engineered timber floors in Australia, being perhaps the world’s most stable, water-resistant, acoustic-friendly, thermal insulating real timber floor.

Pictured: Natural Oak

HydroPro Bamboo Flooring

Quality is in the detail - explore HydroPro layer by layer.

HydroPro Bamboo is a first-class engineered timber floor. With a 100% waterproof core, HydroPro Bamboo is virtually waterproof for all areas of the home and commercial environments. Learn about marvel of science and engineering in HydroPro by exploring the layers.

HydroPro Bamboo Flooring

First Layer: 9 - 11 Layers EverGuard™ Timber Coatings

Enhanced durability with 9 - 11 layers of Everguard™ UV-protected polyurethane coating. Tested in Australia to AS/NZS 1859.3:2005, withstanding over 800 cycles before penetrating the surface.

HydroPro Bamboo Flooring

Second Layer: Real Bamboo Veneer

2mm layer of the finest standwoven bamboo veneer, hand selected and graded by our own flooring and design team.

Bamboo are sourced from sustainable plantations and mature in just 6 - 7 years, being an incredibly renewable timber resource.

HydroPro Bamboo Flooring

Third Layer: Waterproof High-Performance Core

A exemplar of modern engineering and science, the HydroPro core is the world’s most water-proof and stable timber floor, providing peace of mind against extreme temperature or moisture changes.

The voids are engineered for stability, insulation and acoustic noise reduction. By trapping sound waves, it helps keeps your environment peaceful, by reducing both reflected noise i.e. noise bouncing off the floor and multi-storey noise i.e. sound transmitted downstairs.

HydroPro Bamboo Flooring

Base  Layer: Adaptive Timber Backing Layer

A timber backing layer that keeps the board stable and helps balance foot pressure, reduces strain on the click-lock system and keeps the board dimensionally stable.

HydroPro Bamboo Flooring

Waterproof, versatile, high-performance.

HydroPro's Bamboo range is a stunning range that looks beautiful in any home or commercial premise, whilst also providing superior durability and water-resistance. It brings the natural elegance and wonders of real bamboo with the performance and stability of modern engineering.

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