Hugo Pro 12mm Premium Laminate

Hugo Pro. The Best of Real Timber and Laminate.

Hugo Pro’s designs were inspiried by natural beauty and connection to nature. Hugo Pro’s engineering is to magnificant proportions and standards, with over 72 hours of water-resistance, a true-to-life 3D surface, real pine timber core and a 5G click locking system.

Pictured: Hugo Pro Aged Natural

Hugo Pro 12mm Premium Laminate

Quality is in the detail - explore Hugo layer by layer

Putting down a new floor is not a small endeavour. Our motto at Everfloor is “do it once, do it right”. We have carefully engineered and designed every layer with precision and perfection in mind.

Hugo Pro 12mm Premium Laminate

Surface Layer: EverGuard™  Level 4 Wear Layer

Featuring commercial durability that surpasses AC4 / EN Class 32, it’s suitable for domestic and general trafficked commercial spaces such as offices, schools, cafes and salons.

Hugo Pro 12mm Premium Laminate

Second Layer: HD Print Layer

HD print layers inspired by European Oaks and Australian Timbers. It’s synchronised carefully with the surface embossing, for a next-generation of realism and authenticity in laminate flooring.

Hugo Pro 12mm Premium Laminate

Third Layer: Pure Pine Timber Core

Hugo doesn’t use the HDF core-board that’s the standard in laminate flooring, but instead uses our signature premium pine timber core. Constructed with over 99.7% pine wood, Hugo is one of the healthiest laminate floors with the lowest emissions available.

Hugo Pro 12mm Premium Laminate

Based Layer:  Backing Layer

100% waterproof upgraded Hugo backing layer for added strength and mositure-resistance, keeping the floorboard stable in the face of moisture and temperature fluctuations in the Australian climate.

Hugo Pro 12mm Premium Laminate

100% waterproof, versatile, high-performance.

Hugo’s commercial durability and designs have made it a staple of Australian homes and businesses for many years.

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