Storm Grey

Storm Grey AquaFloor Laminate flooring creates a mysterious, yet tranquil atmosphere through its dynamic tonal variations and grain patterns. Its smooth complexion makes it suitable for sleek, modern living spaces, particularly in minimalist or contemporary interiors. Its dark purple hue is readily complemented by light furniture and accessories, all of which enhance its natural beauty and elegance. On the functional side, the AquaFloor Laminate range offers top of the range AC5 heavy commercial abrasion resistance alongside full waterproofing against any moisture ingress or spills. With a 30 year warranty, you can rest easy with the waterproof AquaFloor Laminate flooring.
Storm Grey


2265 x 196 x 12.3mm



Abrasion rating

Heavy Commercial AC5


2.2197 (sqm/ctn)

Lock System

Valinge 5G


V Groove


30 Years Structural

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AquaFloor 12mm Premium Laminate Flooring

First-class performance with over 30 sqm (65+ planks) of unique designer-grade wood-grain patterns.

AquaFloor’s range is a designer-grade laminate floor that provides heavy commercial duty AC5+ (EN Class 33+) durability and over 7 days of water-resistance. The fine wood designs showcase the collaboration between leading Australian and European interior designers to bring the most beautiful aspects of nature into the world’s most performance-driven flooring solution.

Pictured: Spotted Gum

AquaFloor 12mm Premium Laminate Flooring

Quality is in the detail - explore Aquafloor layer by layer.

We asked ourselves the question - what’s the ideal floor? We designed Aquafloor to be the gold-standard in flooring design and performance.

To become the gold-standard, we had to engineer and design every layer with precision and perfection in mind. It took over three years of collaboration with one of the worlds’ largest laminate floor manufacturers for us to share it with the world.

AquaFloor 12mm Premium Laminate Flooring

Surface Layer: EverGuard™ Level 5 Wear Layer

We designed Aquafloor with the gold-standard of flooring durability in mind. It’s commercial duty AC5+ (EN Class 33+) durability without compromising on visual detail.

It can be specified with confidence for medium to heavy duty commercial applications, from showrooms to education centres.

AquaFloor 12mm Premium Laminate Flooring

Second Layer: 30sqm Unique Patterns (65+ planks)

An accomplishment of designers and digital printing technology, we can now create timber-designs more beautiful than real timber.

Aquafloor features over 30 sqm (65+ planks) of unique designer-grade wood-grain patterns. These Ultra HD print layers are inspired by European Oaks and Australian Timbers. Aquafloor represents the next-generation of realism in manufactured flooring.

AquaFloor 12mm Premium Laminate Flooring

Third Layer: 7 Day Waterproof & High-Performance Core

Live an ultra-carefree lifestyle and forget about water around the home with an ultra-dense core board that’s over 7 days water-resistant in household use. It’s more dent resistant and over 76% denser than an average laminate floor.

For healthy living it’s manufactured with the world’s most advanced technologies, it’s designed to dramatically reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde.

AquaFloor 12mm Premium Laminate Flooring

Base Layer: Eco-Friendly Balancing Layer

100% waterproof and stabilised backing layer for added strength and mositure-resistance, keeping the floorboard stable in the face of moisture or temperature fluctuations. AquaFloor is designed to withstand the four seasons of Australia.

AquaFloor 12mm Premium Laminate Flooring

The harmony and unification of layers - Aquafloor

Aquafloor is the ultimate high-performance floor, suitable for homes and commercial-spaces alike. See the floor in your own home.

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