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HydroPro Timber

14mm Bamboo

Greena 14mm Light Coffee Flooring

Colour -

Light Coffee


14mm Bamboo

The Greena Light Coffee bamboo floor highlights the stunning caramel tones that we know and love in coffee. This floor is a great option for any interior as it has a neutral tone that can complement almost any decor. As part of the Greena Bamboo flooring range, the Greena Light Coffee floor is strandwoven, finished with 10 layers of UV-protected coating, and comes with the patented Valinge click-lock system.
1850 × 125 × 14mm
Semi Gloss, Matte
1.3875㎡ / ctn, 6 planks
Lock System:
Valinge Click
V Groove
25 Years
25 Years Warranty
10 Layers Coating
Valinge Click Lock
Antislip Protection
E0 Emission Rating

Product Description

Greena Bamboo is a high quality range of strandwoven bamboo flooring. They are extremely durable and come finished with 10 layers of scratch-resistant coatings, UV protection and a patented click-lock system.