Hygge & Warm

“Hygge is the creation of coziness and togetherness as a way of living and well-being.”

At Everfloor, Hygge is all about creating a warm and inviting space for yourself, friends and family.

Hygge is a notion that originated from Danish / Norwegian culture, but is rapidly spreading around the world, and making waves in Australian interior design.

Our Hygge-inspired flooring focuses on simplicity, calmness and warmth. We stick to nature’s beautiful timber grains, keeping them light and comfortable, and adapt the designs to bring a sense of coziness into any interior.

Hygge is comfortable, whilst flooring is hard. We get it, our Hygge-inspired floors are designed to complement beautifully with soft interior furnishings - so throw out a fluffy sheep skins, wool rug, blanket and light up the candles.

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