About Us

The Everfloor Approach
At Everfloor, quality and care is at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about imagining, creating and producing the most beautiful and high quality flooring. We have over 20 years of experience in supplying laminate, hybrid, bamboo and engineered timber flooring to leading flooring establishments across Australia.  We provide our flooring retailers consistent quality, peace of mind with extended warranties (30, 25, 15 years) and unrivalled support.
1. Imagination
We imagine the future of flooring - what qualities and aesthetics do Australian families want? We work with our flooring teams, retail partners, and interior designers to create beautiful modern and traditional colours, designs and styles.
2. Selection
We carefully select our production partners and meticulously define our production quality standards. We work with our partners to plan how we can build a floorboard that brings everlasting beauty and durability - “Everfloor”.
3. Production
We produce the floorboards with the latest technologies to our stringent quality standards. We ensure only the best quality materials are used in manufacturing boards and regularly assess for their quality and conformance to our standards.
4. Completion
We regularly inspect our flooring to ensure they meet our quality standards. We run tests for health (emissions), safety (fire), and durability (water & scratch) and then securely package them and store them in a moisture-controlled environment.
5. Retail
We supply our flooring to leading and trusted flooring establishments, tradesmen and building groups across Australia. We not only provide flooring, but also deep flooring expertise and a supporting hand when our partners need it.
6. Home
Our flooring is installed in the homes and offices of Australian homes. They bring beauty and happiness to hundreds of families every year. Our quality is backed by extended 30 year, 25 year and 15 year structural warranties for peace of mind.

How we came to be

We started from humble beginnings where Gordon first began importing laminate flooring into Australia. His garage was the first warehouse and his three sons were EverFloor's first forklift.
We widened our floorboard offerings to include both bamboo flooring and laminate flooring. We spent countless days seeking to bring the latest European (German & Swiss) manufacturing technologies and processes to the best Chinese manufacturers. This enabled us to bring quality flooring at affordable prices to the Australian market.
With our laminate and bamboo floors well received by Australian households, we began to look at other innovative floors and settled upon bringing the best vinyl flooring and engineered floors to Australia. We also began to work with leading local manufacturers to source the finest Australian timbers to create beautiful engineered flooring.
We introduced two brand new ranges of flooring – Marvel Hybrid and HydroPro Timber. Marvel Hybrid flooring represents a next-generation of flooring, bringing the best characteristics of laminate and vinyl floors together. HydroPro Timber is one of Australia’s most waterproof timber floors and utilises a patented and highly-stable core.